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Child and Adolescent therapy refers to individuals under the age of 18. 

The decision for children to come to therapy can come from the child, a parent or even another professional working with the child. Whatever the motivation for coming, I work with a whole range of issues with children. This could be bereavement, relationships difficulties, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, anxiety, lack of engagement and many more. 

When working with younger children it is often beneficial to work with the wider system that surrounds the child. This may be through having parent reviews or even working directly with the parents instead. This all will depend upon the situation. The way in which I work with children and adolescents is very flexible.

I have experience working with Children with ASD. Again, this work may be with the parents to help them better understand their child or it could be working with the child on the issues they may present with. For example this could be around eating, attending school or managing friendships and relationships.

I offer a free initial consultation with parents and carers to first discuss if therapy would be appropriate for the child.  


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