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How can Therapy Help? 

I work with a range of Mental Health difficulties. These could include Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Personality Disorder or PTSD. Sometimes we have a diagnosis of a specific Mental Health condition; this can be really helpful for us to gain more understanding of what you are going through and validate the struggles you have. And sometimes we don’t have a diagnosis or our struggles don’t come under a certain category. This doesn’t make our struggle any less valid. Regardless of you diagnosis of lack of one, I will work with you to understand the world from your perspective. 

I work as an integrative therapist. This means I use methods from different models of therapy to work with individuals. From the moment we are born (and arguably even before that) our experiences are shaping us and who we are. Experiences and relationships continue for the rest of our lives. Depending on how we have reacted to these experiences and how they have impacted upon us will determine how we view and see the world. Recent traumas could leave us feeling scared, anxious or angry. Past relationships could leave us feeling lonely, worthless or vulnerable. These are just a few examples. Therapy can help you to better understand the impact these experiences may have had on you and help you understand the reasons why you feel or act the way you do. 

Therapy is a safe, non-judgemental environment for you to explore your inner-self and express yourself.

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